Bachelor's degree in Digital Desing and Creative Technologies

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Bachelor's degree in Digital Desing and Creative Technologies

Academic course


180 CTS, 3 years

Imparted at

Polytechnic School

Dedication regime

Full time / Part time



Language of instruction

Catalan, Spanish, English




Rosa M. Gil Iranzo

The degree in figures
The degree in figures
The degree in figures
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Presentation of the Degree

The Degree in Digital Design and Creative Technologies, of 180 ECTS (3 academic years), enables future graduates with a more transversal training in accordance with the profiles of the professions of the future, less closed or focused and covering a wider spectrum than the most traditional professions. In principle, they will cover the demand close to the development of technology with the approach that combines both the artistic field, closer to the emotional state so important in all human activities, and the field of software development, without which the technology will not be able to solve the tasks that people want to perform. Therefore, the field of work of the graduates of this degree enjoys a demand that currently seems to be able to do nothing but grow.

The training that will award the new Degree in Digital Design and Creative Technologies in the field of emerging technologies and Art is a strategic commitment of the highest priority, to offer new content that meets the demand of the coming decades.

Likewise, the employment forecast for graduates in the degree is very high because in addition to offering a solid technological training, the addition of artistic training is offered.

Take this opportunity and be the first to take this pioneering degree!

Why do you have to study this degree at EPS?

Do you want to be a professional capable of developing in all those areas that require the application of technological development with a design, creative or artistic approach?

Sectors as important and economically and socially powerful as video games or digital

  • Because you want to train in current studies with great prospects for the future
  • Because you want to dedicate yourself to technology without forgetting the artistic part
  • Because you want to dedicate yourself to technology without forgetting people
  • Because you like design and art and you also want to use emerging technologies

Come to the Escola Politècnica Superior to study a current degree, essential to meet the challenges of 21st century society and with a very high labor demand:

  • Because it is a unique degree in the Catalan public university system.
  • Because the University of Lleida has extensive teaching experience. In the 2020-21 academic year, EPS is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
  • Because to facilitate the labor internationalization of our students, 25% of the teaching of the degree in Digital Design and Creative Technologies is offered in English.
  • Because EPS enjoys a high level of internationalization. Students in the Digital Design and Creative Technologies Degree can enjoy a wide range of international mobility.
  • You can choose from four mentions in the title: Digital Art, Web Environment, Social Networking Technologies and Video Games.

Job opportunities

Graduates in Digital Design and Creative Technologies from the Escola Politècnica Superior, will be trained in a field of work that enjoys a demand that currently seems to be able to do nothing but grow, so we believe they will enjoy a very high employability index. Some of the career opportunities for future graduates will be:

  • Digital graphic designer
  • Web designer Creative graphic
  • Digital publications designer
  • Digital layout Digital content editor
  • Advertising designer
  • Digital communication designer
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Digital artist Web master
  • Digital Trend Analyst (Trend Setter)
  • Digital communication analyst App Data
  • Analyst Video game designer Interface designer of all types of computer programs
  • Web systems designer and developer
  • Designer and developer of applications for mobile devices
  • Designer and developer of all types of industrial interfaces and appliances
  • Designer and developer of systems in the context of Internet-Of-Things (IoT) and Smart Cities
  • Designer and developer of interactive systems the information that comes from Big Data


In the Degree in Digital Design and Creative Technologies you can choose from four mentions in the title:

Digital Art

Digital art brings together a number of creative disciplines that use digital technologies in the production process or in their exhibition. Computer science and the ICT sector in general have been part of the visual industry since the last decades of the twentieth century;

In later years the increase in its capacity to generate, reproduce and disseminate digital productions have led to an extension of its own, from traditional media such as film and television to the video game industry. Computer science and the new means of digital production, processing and distribution constitute a fertile field for the development of artistic expression.

Web Environment

The web environment refers to an environment for the development and / or execution of programs or services within the framework of the web in general.

The web environment is a form of graphical user interface.

Social Networking Technologies

The widespread use of new technologies, the Internet boom and the recent impact of Social Networks have led to profound transformations in the way we relate, communicate and express ourselves.

Today, both advertising agencies and companies focus on their Digital Marketing strategies. In addition to using Data Science to drive their strategies, Social Media management continues to be used primarily for brand positioning, branding, and sales.

Video Games

There is no doubt that the video game industry will continue to grow and therefore more professionals will be needed to cover the different places that the market needs. You will receive the digital knowledge necessary to dedicate yourself professionally to the world of Video Games


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